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Christmas Holidays are over!

snowa a posted Jan 2, 12
Hopefully everyone had a bloody shit time and a horrible holiday and are ready for the new year! Time to give Panacea the best push, the best effort, the best show it has had since the start with the sole focus being the appeal and status of the guild to anyone not in it! This could be the final quarter of Cataclysm, lets make an even better name for ourselves entering MoP!

New guild website!

snowa a posted Oct 31, 11
Panacea has a brand new website! Our old website was so shit and horrible that half the guild didn't even know it existed! Now recruitment methods can improve and everyone can stop being anti social cunts! We have now also ditched that horrible vent server and switched to Mumble! Panacea has gotten flashy!
hey guys we have all moved to lilliums guild fright until we decide what we are doing so you can join us if you like cheers
Then don't click "quick reply" click "new reply" and then post, thats what i did and it worked, as you can see i replied to my own post and a couple others on the same day!
that meant to contain my mail add for facebook cj76 @[link] delete the space and were good !!!
Still doesnt work it seems - so in short, thanks for the update dude, i got you on the book and i wanna encourage the rest of you to come and find us there too... [link]
quick reply isn't working at the moment
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